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Arabo-Islamic Centre for Human Rights (AICFHR)

Image by Mat Reding

Our Vision

A MENA region in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the international human rights instruments


Dr. Zoubair Khouaja

Associated Scholar

Zoubair Khouaja is a senior researcher in the research unit on Identity Constitutionalism at the Center for Comparative Law of Charles University in Prague.

Zoubair has 9 years of experience in the non-profit sector working with national / international organizations in human rights, democratic transition, political participation and security.
Zoubair’s main research focused currently on islamic law, human rights and constitutions in the MENA region. He participated in several conferences, and he published different articles and papers.
He speaks Arabic (Mother tongue), Spanish, French, English and basic Bahasa Indonesia.

Email :    Tel: 00 420 775 189 981


Dr. Nael Georges

Centre Director

With deep knowledge of the Arab region - including its legal and political systems - Nael Georges has ten years’ experience of working with international and regional organizations in a variety of roles including researcher and human rights officer. He has published numerous books and articles on issues related to minorities, constitutions, political and legal reform in Islam, democracy and human rights. After gaining his law degree from the University of Damascus and his Master’s degree in International and European Law from the University of Grenoble II, Nael Georges obtained his doctorate in international human rights law in France. He speaks English, Arabic and French.

Email :  Tel / WhatsApp: 00 33 651 777 564

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